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Our thoughts go out to all the people in the SE Caribbean affected by Hurricane Beryl

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Be Ready...

Storm season blows.  Whether there is a named storm on the way, or you are preparing ahead of time, ELITE Fenders has you covered.  With a wide variety of sizes, our inflatable fenders are ready to take a beating so your boat doesn't have to.  ​​

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Download our favorite app: National Hurricane Tracker 

The Round Ones

Traditional shape. Nice and fat to take the impacts.
Sizes 3-6ft long, 12"-24" wide.

The Flat Ones

Made with thicker materials, these slimmer fenders are very hard. Perfect when you don't have a lot of room.


Don't forget the lines and pumps.


*Why Amazon?  Simply because they have warehouses all over, and so it's the fastest way to get you your fenders when you really need them.

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