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Our Story

ELITE Fenders was born from a desire to have a high quality product that looked as good as the boats it was used for.

Having previously purchased a couple of inflatable fenders from a large online retailer, we were disappointed that they came loose in a brown cardboard box, looked generally bland with rough edges.   We didn't want to hang these on our beautiful catamaran!

So we went about designing a fender that was both tough, and looked great.  We also wanted somewhere we could store it when it was deflated, rather than throw it in a plastic box in a locker, where it would surely get wet and dirty.

And so the ELITE Fender was designed to be as smooth and strong as it could be, look great and without breaking the budget.

We added 2" (5 cm) bands around the fender to give it strength and keep shape when compressed.  The D-Rings are attached with attractive fabric straps, and affixed beneath the outer layer, giving a smooth finish. The seams are heat welded, and then a second layer is added for an ultimate seal.  Then we designed a bag to deliver your fender in, but also to repack it into for storage.  

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