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  • What are ELITE Fenders made of?
    Our fenders are made of a multilayer PVC, reinforced for strength with a mesh of polyester threads. This material is extremely strong, UV resistant and tough against abrasion. It's the same PVC as you may find inflatable dinghies made from. The seams are heat welded, with an additional layer glued over the top. This makes our fenders the toughest in the business - they can withstand a lot of impact! Specs: 18" Round Fenders: 1.2mm PVC 24" Round Fenders: 1.5mm PVC Flat Fenders: 2.3mm dropstitch PVC
  • My ELITE fender is losing air, what do I do?
    Shucks! We're sorry to hear that. We do warranty our fenders for 2 years against manufacturing defects, so if it's on us, we'll take care of it and replace it for you. If it's not, we'll do our best to get you sorted either way. Firstly we need to figure out if the fender material has been damaged, or if it's something else. If you know your fender has torn, snagged, or otherwise and compromised the material, then there is a fix for this. Because accidents (and dock nails) happen, we include a patch with every ELITE fender, so that you can easily repair it yourself. PVC glues are readily available online, and once you prepare the surfaces properly, the patch should do the job. If you're not sure where the leak is coming from, the simplest way to locate it is to inflate the fender and cover it with soapy water. Either by using a spray bottle or apply with a sponge. You should see bubbles coming from the location of the leak. I see bubbles! What do I do now? If the bubbles are coming from the pvc, see the first step above. If they are coming from the valve, then there are couple of things to check. Firstly, the valve has 2 settings. If you push the inner spring-loaded button, it will stay open for deflation. If you press it again it will lock to stop the air coming out. Make sure it's locked if you want the fender to stay inflated. Secondly, the valve itself may need tightening. We include a handle with each fender for just this scenario. Use the handle to tighten the valve and this will fix that issue. None of this worked and I'm frustrated! Now what do I do? Immediately take a deep breath and know that we want to fix this issue too! Please contact us at and we'll get right back to you. We take our fender duties seriously so when we hear one of them is not performing to it's max ability, we want to set it right.
  • Do you sell fender covers?
    Yes, we do sell covers. They are made from marine grade, UV resistant acrylic fibers that are designed to withstand the rough boating environment. May 2023 update: We are running very low on our cover inventory and are working hard to get more to you. They turned out to be more popular than we envisioned, but that's a good thing we suppose! Please reach out to use at for more information, or check back here in a couple of weeks.
  • Do you customize fenders or covers?
    Yes, we can offer both of those. If you see a fender size that we do not offer, please contact us to enquire if we can make it for you. For the covers, we offer embroidery in a variety of styles and colors, which is a popular choice for customers. Reach out to us at to find out more.
  • Can you tell me about your warranty?
    Of course! We offer 2 years manufacturing warranty against defects from the production process. You can find more information here.
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